Client Data Review

What client information are you collecting?

Are you collecting it well?

Is it the data you should be collecting?

Hire ACRE Consulting to conduct a Client Data Review to answer these questions and more! Using our extensive expertise with HIFIS data, we will identify:

  • Areas that are blossoming: Client Information areas where your usage is high and your data is solid
  • Areas to water: focus your attention on improving your data in these Client Information areas
  • Red flags: areas where urgent attention is necessary to comply with reporting requirements
  • Areas to prune: your usage is low, but that's because there's low added value here
  • Offshoots: areas where your usage of a Client Information module is higher than typical in specific circumstances

What we need:

We need access to your HIFIS database, but just the ability to run reports. We are happy to sign any confidentiality agreement that you require in order to make this happen. Some communities provide us with a backup of their database; others provide login credentials to their HIFIS site; others provide a connection string to connect to the server. Whatever works best for you, we can work with that.

Additionally, you will need to let us know about your funding requirements: federal, provincial/territorial, any specific municipal, regional, or private funding requirements (if applicable).

You will get:

  1. A formal or informal summary of our findings (your choice)
  2. A 1-hour debrief to present and discuss our findings
  3. A copy of the ABC Client Information Completeness report for your future use!


This service covers data stored in the Client Information modules in HIFIS. It does not include Custom Tables or Service Modules.