Implementing HIFIS

The road to launching a new software platform is bumpy and winding, but we've got a roadmap.

How can we help?


Quick Start Series

HIFIS 4 has over 600 individual user rights that can be configured in countless combinations. This can be completely overwhelming for communities that are new to HIFIS. Our Quick Start series provides a starting point for communities to quickly dive into using HIFIS.


HIFIS 4 Implementation Masterclass

ACRE Consulting is the recognized authority on HIFIS 4 implementation. Now, through the marvel of modern technology, you too can benefit from our years of experience working with communities large and small to implement HIFIS 4, from the (relative) comfort of your office.

Project Management

Project Management

Looking for a traditional consultant to lead you through your launch? We've provided full-service consulting to large and small municipalities and can provide solutions tailor-made to your community's unique needs.