HIFIS 4 Setup, Reports, Training, Support

We provide support to communities using or looking to use the Homeless Individuals and Families Information System (HIFIS) 4.0


HIFIS 4 is provided free of charge by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC).
We provide additional fast, convenient, customised support for communities who wish to enhance their use of HIFIS.


We can help you get HIFIS 4 set up to meet your community’s needs


We can train people in your community to be experts in HIFIS 4


We can design custom reports for your community to make the best use of your HIFIS 4 data


We can support you with all of your community’s HIFIS 4 needs



The HIFIS 4 Implementation Masterclass is a new format offered by ACRE Consulting to help communities who want to launch HIFIS 4 in their community but need some guidance on how to do that efficiently and effectively.

It is an online course that uses a variety of teaching methods and tools – including group webinars, written materials, pre-recorded videos, case studies, quizzes, assignments, sample policies and templates, and optional one-on-one coaching.

Most importantly, this course gives you a structure to your HIFIS implementation project. We know just how many steps there are, and how many moving parts there are to keep track of. It can be overwhelming. We’ve helped guide communities through all the components of a HIFIS 4 implementation, so we know what order it makes sense to cover things.


Ali ACTUALLY knows all the answers!

Chris G
Saint John Human Development Council

You’re the most help I’ve got [about HIFIS 4] since the dawn of time!

Cole K
YMCA Regina

Good training! I was legit dreading it. But I wasn’t even bored!

Anonymous Student
Hamilton, September 2019

Thank you, Ali. You do great work!

Lorne P
City of Hamilton

Thank you for the training, that was magical!

Jessica B
Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness

Thank you, Ali, for existing!

Tracy V
Region of Waterloo

The City of Peterborough Social Services Division launched the Homeless Individuals and Families Information System (HIFIS 4) in April of 2017 with the support and guidance of ACRE consulting.

Ali was a pivotal member of the implementation team in the year leading up to the launch, as she guided the team through challenging decision-making processes. She travelled often to our community for meetings, group training and even one-on-one sessions. She was able to articulate the usage of features, the impact of customizations and how to successfully manage system changes.

In the year and a half since our implementation, Peterborough has continued to benefit from the resources provided by ACRE consulting. Training manuals, user guides and most significantly: reports. Ali has created numerous custom reports that assist us in meeting our reporting requirements, making them invaluable.

ACRE Consulting helps inform the HIFIS community with weekly newsletters and informative articles available on the website. Despite the completion of Peterborough’s contract, Ali remains a constant source of support and advice.

Erin F
City of Peterborough

You have a talent for making boring things not as boring!

Anonymous Student
Moncton, March 2019

Ali is a HIFIS goddess

Valerie W
County of Simcoe

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