HPP Report | 5. Emergency Shelters

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This report is intended to allow communities in Ontario who receive HPP funding to use HIFIS data to report out on the Emergency Shelters section of the HPP reporting requirements. Broadly, it reports on emergency shelter capacity and usage, broken down into priority population groups.

This is an unofficial report and is not endorsed by the Ontario MMAH.

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5. Emergency Shelter Usage

Communities are required to report on the emergency shelter system that's funded through HPP. Required data elements include:

  • # of people that stayed in emergency shelter: households and priority populations
  • # of bed-nights available
  • # of bed-nights used 
  • # of emergency shelter facilities funded by HPP

There are a few noteworthy nuances to point out here in the requirements: Service Managers are required to count bed-nights used and available, but not in the way that you'd typically think. Each household counts as occupying one space, regardless of whether they're occupying 1 bed or 8 beds, and a "bed-night" is defined as a bed or a space/room for a single night. Typically, this means that for single shelters, you'd be counting beds and bed-nights, and for family shelters, you'd be counting rooms and room-nights.

Features of this Report

Calculate Capacity and Utilization

Report calculates your shelter's capacity and usage using 3 different approaches:

  • Bed-based
  • Room-based
  • Program-based

This means that however your shelters operate, you should be able to meet the reporting requirements for 5.2 and 5.3.

Discharges from Provincial Institutions

Includes 4 methods of tracking discharges from provincial institutions:

  • Housing History
  • Reason for Service
  • Referred From
  • Life Events
Meet Reporting Requirements

The report also includes a breakdown of chronically homeless, youth, and indigenous households that stayed in shelter during the reporting period, allowing you to report on 5.1.

Frequently asked questions

You've got questions? We've got answers.

This report should work for any version of HIFIS 4.0.57 or higher.

This report will be maintained into the foreseeable future. If a software update causes it to stop working, or if we find an error, we'll update the file and let you know there's a new version available, at no additional cost to you.

The run-time varies depending on how much data is in your database, and how long a date range and how many service providers you select when running the report. However, we have tested the report with large data volumes and it runs quickly and efficiently.

Parameters for this report are:
  • Service Provider(s)
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Discharge Module - single-select drop-down field which includes 4 options:
    • Reason for Service
    • Referred From
    • Housing History
    • Life Events
  • Include overflow beds as capacity?- asks if beds in HIFIS marked as Overflow beds should be counted towards your shelter system capacity.