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On this page, you'll find a collection of guides and resources to help you navigate using HIFIS.

Official HIFIS Guides

HIFIS Installation Guide
HIFIS Implementation Guide
HIFIS Configuration Guide
HIFIS User Guide

ACRE Consulting's Quick Start series!

HIFIS 4 has over 600 individual user rights that can be configured in countless combinations. This can be completely overwhelming for communities that are new to HIFIS. This Quick Start series provides a starting point for communities to quickly dive into using HIFIS. These guides include:

  • Easy configuration instructions,
  • Super quick training, and,
  • A simple rights template for front line staff and one for supervisors
Quick Start Shelter

Quick Start Guide to


Keys In Door

Quick Start Guide to

Housing-Based Case Management


Quick Start Guide to

Day Programs

ACRE Consulting’s Guide to BNLs in HIFIS

Using HIFIS, but still keeping your BNL in Excel?

Have a BNL in HIFIS, but not sure you're doing it right?

Starting from scratch, and wondering if this HIFIS thing could work for your BNL?

This is the document for you! In it, we outline all the best practices and minimum requirements to maintain a BNL in HIFIS, according to Reaching Home, the Ontario government, and the Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness.

ACRE Consulting's Guide to BNLs in HIFIS
ACRE Consulting's Guide to Client Information

ACRE Consulting’s Guide to Client Information

Is your HIFIS system bogged down by too many options?

Overwhelmed by all the specific, fiddly modules in the Client Information menu?

Never fear, we've got you covered. This is ACRE Consulting's definitive guide to all 28 Client Information modules, including our recommendations about whether you should use them or not and some considerations that go into making these decisions.

This document is not a user guide and does not contain step-by-step instructions on how to use these modules. Instead, it helps guide you through community conversations about what data is important to collect, how much data to collect, and how useful each of the available modules are.

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