Calls and Visits Log Dataset

Data Wrangling Project

This simple view compiles information from the Calls and Visits Log module into one convenient dataset. It includes all the relevant information about each log, including client information, subject and comments, geographic region, service provider, and more.

vw_ACRE_CallsVisitsLog - Sample Output

This view contains the following columns, pulling data from all Calls and Visits Logs:

  • ClientContactEventTypeID
  • OrganizationID
  • ServiceProvider
  • ClientID
  • ClientName
  • LogType
  • IncomingOutgoingType
  • NatureOfContact
  • Subject
  • EventDateTime
  • Name
  • ExResidentYN
  • DurationMinutes
  • DurationHours
  • GeographicRegion
  • Comments
  • ViewVersion


vw_ACRE_CallsVisitsLog - Sample Output