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Stale User Accounts

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Are your staff actually using the accounts you've set up for them?

Unused, or "stale," user accounts may seem harmless, but are a significant security risk to your data. Each such account provides an opportunity for a malicious actor trying to hack into your system, and if they succeed, their activities will go unnoticed. The attackers can then have a free run if you do not have an effective auditing mechanism.

This report identifies stale user accounts, covering:
  • users who haven't agreed to the EULA, 
  • users who have never logged in, 
  • users with no logins in a timeframe you specify, 
  • users with concurrent logins, 
  • infrequently used accounts, 
  • if you're using 2FA, user accounts with no security key,
  • median days since most recent login, and 
  • average logins per user.
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ABC Stale User Accounts - Sample Output-1
ABC Stale User Accounts - Sample Output-2

What's included?

This 8+ page report aggregates data about user accounts, with the following breakdowns:

  • Overall percentages of users by most recent login date, and breakdown by service provider
  • Median days since most recent login, by service provider
  • Median logins per user in the reporting period
  • User accounts with no EULA
  • User accounts who have never logged in
  • User accounts with no recent logins
  • If using 2FA, user accounts with no security key
  • User accounts with concurrent logins enabled
  • Infrequently used user accounts

What is a stale user account?

Inactive accounts or accounts that have never logged in are also known as “stale” user accounts.

Stale accounts pose a security risk to organizations. Each one of these accounts offers a malicious actor an opportunity to gain access to your data. When stale accounts are unknown or unmonitored, a malicious actor can compromise one and remain hidden to IT staff.

Best practices and standards require that these accounts are removed or disabled within a set amount of time.

Think of it this way; imagine you run a kingdom in medieval times. Each account that is given out or created is a member of your kingdom that has keys to the city. A key (or account) could topple your entire kingdom, as other kingdoms or bandits (malicious actors) want to get into your kingdom to steal anything of value. The more keys (or accounts) you can remove from circulation, the more secure your kingdom is.

ABC Stale User Accounts - Sample Output-8

Frequently asked questions

You've got questions? We've got answers.

This report should run on any version of HIFIS version 4.0.57 and higher.

This report will be maintained into the foreseeable future. If a software update causes it to stop working, or if we find an error, we'll update the file and let you know there's a new version available, at no additional cost to you.

The run-time varies depending on how much data is in your database, and how long a date range and how many service providers you select when running the report. However, we have tested the report with large data volumes and it runs quickly and efficiently.

Parameters for this report are:
  • Service Provider(s)
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Inactivity threshold (for user accounts)