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Rights Templates Usage

$500 CAD

It can be HARD to keep your users, service providers, and rights templates straight. Who has which template? Which users have access to what service providers? This report is designed to help you answer these questions and manage that aspect of your system.

This report is sure to be helpful when you want to take a dedicated look at whether your user accounts were set up correctly, and who you really are sharing data with across the system!

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What's included?

This 12+ report shows:

  • How many users have access to each service provider,
  • What templates are assigned to users at each service provider,
  • The most common and least common rights templates,
  • Users with non-template rights, or no rights,
  • Common bundles of rights templates,
  • And, a full list of every active user along with which template they have at each service provider!

Frequently asked questions

You've got questions? We've got answers.

This report should run on any version of HIFIS version 4.0.57 and higher.

This report will be maintained into the foreseeable future. If a software update causes it to stop working, or if we find an error, we'll update the file and let you know there's a new version available, at no additional cost to you.

The run-time varies depending on how much data is in your database, and how long a date range and how many service providers you select when running the report. However, we have tested the report with large data volumes and it runs quickly and efficiently.