Program Entry Dataset

Data Wrangling Project

This view pulls data from all services (i.e. Case Management, Admissions, Group Activities, etc.) where a Program has been added. For each Program, a client's Program Entry Date is determined as the earliest date that a client ever began receiving a service associated with that Program. You can also filter the view to show the earliest date the client enrolled in a particular Program Type.

In addition, the view calculates what the client's most recent Housing Status was at the time of Program Entry.

The intended use for this dataset is for the purposes of the Ontario HPP program, which requires communities to determine a client's housed/homeless status at the time of entry into an HPP-funded program.

As a bonus, we're throwing in a free sample report that'll work with this dataset. It's designed for you to play with and make your own, so it's not terribly fancy. Make something beautiful with it!

vw_ACRE_ProgramEntry - Sample Output

The view contains the following columns, pulling data from all services that have a Program recorded:

  • ClientID
  • ProgramID
  • ProgramName
  • ProgramType
  • ProgramEntryDate
  • FirstEntryToProgramTypeYN
  • InitialServiceID
  • InitialServiceType
  • InitialOrganizationID
  • InitialOrganizationName
  • HousingStatus
  • HousingStatusDate


vw_ACRE_ProgramEntry - Sample Output