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Homelessness Data Self-Assessment

In the linked spreadsheet is a sample set of shelter data, containing fake clients and fake book in dates and book out dates. You will be asked to manipulate the data and respond to some common questions that frequently arise when working with shelter data. Here's what the sample data looks like:

First, get yourself a copy of the data.

Create a Google Sheet with the data or Download an .xlsx file

When you've got the spreadsheet open, you can begin!

Before you start, though, this assessment includes a number of questions which could be right or wrong. You will be told whether your answer is right or wrong, and get a score at the end. But, here's the real test: did you enjoy doing the quiz, or was it painful? If you enjoyed it, you'll probably enjoy learning to write HIFIS reports. If you thought the quiz was a struggle, you may not enjoy the process of writing reports.


How many different stays occurred at some point in April 2023?