Takeaways from #CAEH22

And that's a wrap on #CAEH22. It was so great to see so many faces that have only been Zoom personalities for the past three years.

  1. We need to get better at getting out of the way of indigenous-led housing programs that are doing a great job @Celest Hayward @Fran Hunt-Jinnouchi
  2. New Zealand is dealing with many of the same challenges we are in Canada @Ali Hamlin-Paenga
  3. We can't just bulldoze an encampment and assume that'll solve the problem. We've got to work on understanding the root causes and finding permanent solutions. @Iain De Jong @Charlene Wilson @Kevin Webb
  4. Toronto's indigenous-developed STARS Supports Assessment changes the conversation about conducting a needs assessment. It's built on the person-centred principle that supporting someone is more important than sorting them. How you ask the questions is more important than the answers, sometimes! 
  5. The Furniture Bank is one of my favourite organizations I just learned about. How can we replicate it for other communities? 
  6. @Ian Cooper is performing fancy analyses using HIFIS data to determine what characteristics make some one more or less likely to exit shelter to positive destinations. If we do a good job at making sure our HIFIS data entry is consistent and clean, there's tons we could learn from our HIFIS datasets.
  7. Figuring out how many people are homeless in Canada is complicated, but @Annie Duchesne is on it! Does anyone have a reliable way to assess how many people are experiencing hidden homelessness? Drop her a line.
  8. Having a comprehensive training plan for your staff leads to better staff retention, better outcomes, and less burnout @Wally Czech @Jody Pace @Quinn Moerike
  9. @Geoffrey Messier is using machine learning to predict who will become chronically homeless, which has historically been super complicated and very difficult to predict because of too many variables. Can an AI do it better?
  10. Finally, remember to ask yourself "How am I redirecting my power and privilege to support those who don't have as much as me?" @Vivek Shraya
Already looking forward to seeing everyone at #CAEH23 in Halifax!
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