Custom Tables

Fun with Custom Tables: Landlord Engagement

In HIFIS, every action typically needs to be attached to a Client. For example: you do a referral for a Client; you do a SPDAT with a Client; you make case notes about a Client. Most of the time, this isn’t a problem, except when it is.

How to Record a Client’s Support Network in HIFIS 4

Many communities want to record a client’s next of kin or support network, but they don’t like the Contacts module. This post shows you two alternatives to record contact people for your HIFIS 4 clients.

How to Record Sexual Orientation in HIFIS 4

Communities frequently ask me how to record sexual orientation in HIFIS, particularly ones receiving CHPI funding. No field in HIFIS specifically asks the user for the client’s sexual orientation, so it’s not clear where the best place to record it is. ¬†Here are 3 ways you can record this information in HIFIS 4.