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Commissioned by Social Planning Council of Winnipeg in response to a request by a user to do their own analysis by looking up service transactions by population.  In response, ACRE Consulting created a flexible report that would compile the requested fields.  The report is intended to export to Microsoft Excel, where staff familiar with the use of spreadsheets can filter and sort the data as desired.

This report displays stays in the user-specified reporting period at the user-specified Service Provider(s) and creates a list of all users with stays in the range.  It displays values for each client’s age, gender, immigration status, aboriginal status, veteran status, number of turn aways, number of bed nights, number of stays, number of episodes of homelessness, and whether the client meets the definitions of chronic and/or episodic homelessness.

Note: Winnipeg uses a non-standard definition of bed-nights, so this report may not be reliable when used to compare to other bed-night reports.

  • This report only counts a bed-night if the client stays at least 4 hours in shelter. The standard definition is if the stay crosses midnight, it’s a bed-night, regardless of duration.
    • Example: a client books in at 11:00 pm and books out at 1:00 am, a few hours later
      • The standard definition of a bed-night would count this as 1 bed-night
      • This report would count this as 0 bed-nights
  • This report counts bed-nights for stays where a client booked in after midnight but before 7:00 am, so long as they stayed at least 4 hours.
    • Example: a client booked in at 1:00 am and out at 6:00 am, a few hours later
      • Standard definition of a bed-night would count this as 0 bed-nights
      • This report would count this as 1 bed-night
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