Interim Prioritization List | Chatham-Kent


A report commissioned in Chatham-Kent to prioritize clients for Housing First.


Commissioned by the Municipality of Chatham-Kent.

One of the coming features to HIFIS 4 is a By-Name-List module, however, Chatham-Kent is already using HIFIS 4 to prioritize clients for housing and case management. The municipality commissioned a report to act as an interim prioritization list.

This report lists all clients with a VI-SPDAT done within the past year and orders them by their score, highest to lowest. Also included are each client’s age,¬†aboriginal status, total number of stays, total number of cases, current housing type, current housing placement status, and current contributing factors.

Additional information

Date Last Updated


File Type

Crystal Report (.rpt)

HIFIS Version

4.0.51 or lower, 4.0.52

Identifying Information

Displays client names

Modules Used

, , , , , ,


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