CHPI – Emergency Shelter Use (3)


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Under the Ontario CHPI program, one of the mandatory reporting requirements is to indicate the number of households that stayed in an emergency shelter during a fiscal year. This indicator also includes additional details of the shelter use that support the overall measure.

This indicator leads to some confusion among Service Managers, because it further goes on to explain that “A household that experiences multiple transitions in a reporting period may be counted multiple times under this indicator. This indicator does not track unique households.” So while the wording suggests that Service Managers are to count the number of households, they are actually required to report on the number of stays accumulated.

There are additional instructions, such as including or excluding motel stays if applicable, so while this report is designed to present you with the data you need to report on CHPI, but it does not do the reporting for you. You have to think about what data in this report you can report on and what you cannot.

This report includes all stays at selected Service Providers. If you have some CHPI-funded Service Providers and some non-CHPI-funded ones, keep that in mind when you run this report.

To best use this report going forward, it is recommended that you categorize your stays through the use of the Program field, so that you are able to say that Clients served in Program A are CHPI-funded while Program B and C are other non-CHPI-funded stays.

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