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Under the Ontario CHPI program, one of the mandatory reporting requirements is to indicate the number of households that received services and supports that are not related to the provision of accommodation but nonetheless assist the receiving households. This is further broken down into two categories of services and supports: case management, which is defined as the provision of assistance that is regular and/or ongoing, and housing assistance, which is defined as the provision of brief, short-term services.

This report is intended to help communities obtain the data necessary to be able to report on their case management supports and services provided. There are a number of important notes that are necessary to help understand the CHPI report and this data, and this report is not guaranteed to work for every community, in particular if you are using HIFIS in a way that is atypical.
In general, this report is designed to present you with the data you need to report on CHPI, but it does not do the reporting for you. You have to think about what data in this report you can report on and what you cannot.

This report includes all clients with Cases opened through the Case Management module in HIFIS 4 at selected Service Providers, regardless of housing status. It does not divide clients into homeless (indicator 1.5) and housed (indicator 2.4). This is a deliberate decision, because there are a large number of clients for whom HIFIS could not determine a homeless status programmatically, which would result in significant underreporting. It is assumed that you might run this report for, say, a Housing First team and know that all clients served were homeless.

The number to report on is the unique households, but other measures are provided for validation. Note that the totals at the bottom of each column may not equal the sum of the values in the column because a Client or Household may appear in more than one row.

You will need to associate each of these rows (the Service Type) with Case Management levels 1-3, as defined in the CHPI framework. Communities may define their categories differently so this report presents what is entered into HIFIS, not how it needs to be reported to the Government of Ontario.

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