Setting up Lots of Volunteer Accounts

When deciding whether to use tablets and enter Pit/Registry data live, our IT folks are concerned that they would need to set up users who may or may not show. If they don’t show, our concern would be having to scramble to set up passwords for folks on the night of. So we may conclude that we’ll use paper and have data entry follow. Any suggestions?

There will be a way to add users in batch, via importing an Excel sheet with pre-specified column contents.

Users can also be created individually. Essential info for a user consists of:

– UserID
– First Name
– Last Name
– Email address (optional but highly recommended)
– Mobile phone number (optional but highly recommended)

New user is then attached to a ‘PiT’ or ‘Enumeration’ organization

User is assigned access rights by selecting the pre-established PiT Volunteer rights template

Response by Henry Dagher, February 1, 2018