How can I change my site from a live site to a training site?

As of version 4.0.57, you can register your HIFIS 4 software and, once it’s registered, you can manage your instances. An instance can be defined as:

A single copy of a running program. Multiple instances of a program mean that the program has been loaded into memory several times.

So if you have multiple HIFIS 4 sites running (like a training site, a testing site, and a live site), each of those are properly called an instance.

Once your software is registered, you can go to Administration > Application Settings > Instances. There, you will see a list of the instances that are connected to your registration. For each instance, you can click on the Edit button to choose to display a Banner or not, set the text for your banner, and set the Background Colour of that banner.

If you do not yet see one of your sites listed, you will need to join the site to your registration. Follow these steps:

  1. Log in as the Administrator to one of your secondary instances
  2. Navigate to Administration > Registration
  3. Click on Join Registration
  4. Search for your main instance