Our training covers everything from getting started in Crystal Reports to understanding the database structure in HIFIS 4 and everything in between. It covers charts and graphs, locating and verifying the correct data sources, linking tables together, and troubleshooting. The training is divided into four, 3-hour segments.

Part 1

Client Basics

  • Creating a new report
  • Summarizing data
  • Simple formulas
  • Assignment 1: Demographics

Part 2


  • Services in HIFIS
  • Intermediate formulas
  • Date ranges & date parameters
  • Non-date parameters
  • Assignment 2: Clients served

Part 3


  • Look-up tables
  • Join types
  • Finding the data in the database
  • Assignment 3: Scavenger hunt
  • Beg, borrow & steal
  • Assignment 4: Decipher
  • Assignment 5: Adapt

Part 4

You're a wizard now

You choose what would be the best use of your time. Most students find it most valuable to use this time for supervised practice, where you come up with a report you need to make and we build it together. Other students may wish to move ahead to more advanced topics. 

Accelerated Training

We offer another variation of the training which is condensed into 6 hours instead of 12. This variation is intended for:

  • People who already are comfortable with Crystal Reports, but new to pulling data from HIFIS, or
  • People who are already pulling data from HIFIS (using SQL, Tableau, Power BI, or other means), but who are new to Crystal Reports.

This accelerated version does not cover all of the content in the curriculum, although it covers most. It is only offered as a 1-on-1 training option and will fast forward through the parts of the training that are already known to the student.

For example, if you already use Crystal Reports regularly, we can skip much of Part 1, which is mostly an introduction to the software.

If you already are comfortable pulling data from HIFIS using SQL, we can skip much of Part 3, which mostly covers where to pull data from.





plus tax and expenses

12 hours of training

2 consecutive days

Training conducted in person at a venue you provide

Up to 5 students (additional fee applies for extra students)

Most popular



plus tax

12 hours of training

4 x 3-hour sessions

Training conducted over Zoom

Up to 5 students (additional students not possible)



plus tax

6 hours of training

2 x 3-hour sessions

Training conducted over Zoom

1 advanced student 
(intended for students who are already familiar with Crystal Reports)