Diversion in HIFIS 4: Recommendations Report

The HIFIS 4 Working Group meeting in September 2020 confirmed shelter diversion as one of the top priorities for new features. This builds on previous discussions, which have consistently found shelter diversion as one of the top 3 gaps in HIFIS 4 (along with street outreach, and prioritization which was implemented in HIFIS 4.0.59).

Built for Zero Canada and ACRE Consulting, as members of the HIFIS 4 Working Group, took the initiative to consult with communities and propose what Diversion could look like in HIFIS 4. This included two stages. The first stage comprised a survey, which was sent out to 147 recipients from across Canada and received 21 responses (14% response rate). The second stage was a series of focus groups, with a total of 14 participants. Recommendations were then reviewed by OrgCode Consulting and Built for Zero Canada. The final report was submitted to Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) in April, 2021.
Simple Training Time Calculator
How to Record Street Outreach in HIFIS 4 (Revisited)


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