Homelessness Data Self-Assessment

We’ve done Crystal Reports training with a number of students, and we find that while some students take to the materials (relatively) easily, others find it a struggle. But here’s the thing – if you find it a struggle during the training, you’re probably still going to be struggling when it becomes your job to …

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Family Stays in HIFIS 4

It’s almost universally agreed that family stays in HIFIS 4 are a little problematic, especially if you compare family stays in HIFIS 4 to HIFIS 3. There are three challenges are for day-to-day use when it comes to front line staff at family shelters, and then even bigger problems that are hiding behind the curtain …

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Fun with Custom Tables: Landlord Engagement

In HIFIS, every action typically needs to be attached to a Client. For example: you do a referral for a Client; you do a SPDAT with a Client; you make case notes about a Client. Most of the time, this isn’t a problem, except when it is.