ACRE Consulting Announces Federal Contract

ACRE Consulting is pleased to announce a new federal contract to author 20 bilingual reports for HIFIS 4. All these reports are recreations of existing HIFIS 3 reports, so you can easily check to see what content they will include (refer to the HIFIS 3 Report Guide).

The contracted reports are:

  1. CHPI
  2. RROL Annual Report Assistant
  3. Age & Gender – Activities
  4. Housing First – Target Population
  5. Client Profile
  6. SPDAT
  8. VAT
  9. Shelter Occupancy
  10. PiT data capture report
  11. Surveys Report
  12. Case Management Goals/Activities – Summary
  13. Case Management – Clients
  14. Housing Placement Summary
  15. Shelter Population and Stay Statistics
  16. SPDAT – Summary
  17. VI-SPDAT – Summary
  18. VAT – Summary
  19. Bed Nights Monthly
  20. Goods & Services – Site

Reports will be made available to communities after approval by the HIFIS Development Team.  All work is expected to be completed by December 2017.

We hope this announcement will help communities allocate resources towards custom report development efforts!

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