Subreport Spectacular

Crystal Reports Mini-Course

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Subreports are a feature in Crystal Reports that give you a HUGE range of new options. They let you combine two unrelated reports into the same report, making all the information available at your fingertips with one click. It also lets you cross-reference data that doesn't neatly connect, like listing case managers or assessment score results for current shelter clients.

This 3-hour small group seminar is intended for people who are already familiar with developing reports in Crystal Reports. It introduces or reintroduces the idea of embedding reports inside other reports, which can be used to coordinated data that otherwise doesn't go together. We will cover subreport placement, recurring subreports, subreport linking, and performance.

Students will work on two reports, one focused on pulling related information into a bed list, and the second collecting information about case management clients.


  • What is a subreport?
  • When do I need a subreport?
  • Records in Crystal Reports
  • Inserting, accessing, and editing subreports
  • Exercise: Basic subreports
  • Linked Subreports
  • Exercise: Linking on parameters
  • Subreport placement
  • Saving and re-using subreports
  • Recurring subreports
  • Exercise: Dynamic subreport linking
  • HIFIS + subreport linking
  • Exercise: Case Management
  • Subreport performance

Course Feedback

"Ali was extremely helpful and knowledgeable."

"It was awesome! I particularly liked the assignment at the end. I find this course gave a really great opportunity to test your knowledge at the end of the course."

Crystal Reports Mini-Course: Subreport Spectacular
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