CHPI – Housing Transitions (1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4 & 2.1)


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Many funders require communities to be able to report on how many of their clients experienced a housing transition during the reporting period.

This report allows the user to select a pre-defined Housing Continuum and counts all the Clients who have experienced a change in housing during the reporting period. Data is pulled from the Housing History of Clients. Any client with a Housing History that has a Start Date or an End Date in the reporting period should be included in this report. Note that shelter admissions are not currently linked to a Housing Continuum category and are therefore not included in this report.

In the following table, the Continuum Categories are listed on the left as rows in the table if at least one Client had a Housing History record that corresponds to the Continuum Category (unused Continuum Categories will not be listed). The Continuum Categories listed on the right as columns in the table obey the same logic.

The values in each cell represent a count of Clients who had a Housing History corresponding with that row’s Continuum Category, and who, immediately afterwards, had a Housing History corresponding with that column’s Continuum Category. Note that Housing History records can overlap; this table lists the next chronological Housing History record, ordered by Start Date, regardless of the duration or the gap in between records.

Note also that this is not a distinct count of unique clients; a single client could experience multiple transitions and would be listed multiple times on this table.

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