This questionnaire, like the others available at are designed to help you work through some of the questions you need to answer while getting ready to use HIFIS 4 in your community.

This questionnaire is intended for use by existing clients of ACRE Consulting, but is freely available to other interested communities, as well. Once you click Submit, your responses will be collected and emailed to you so you have a record of your decisions. Your responses will also be emailed to ACRE Consulting. To begin with, please fill out your name, your community, and your email address.

HIFIS 4 Access to Client Files Settings

Note, you are unable to fine-tune this feature, it only works for the broad categories of: adult male, adult female, youth, and children.
Optionally, you can choose to restrict the client list; restricting the client list means users will have to first search for a client's name, and then only see a list of clients who match the searched text.

Once you hit the submit button, you will be emailed a copy of your responses, and a copy will be emailed to ACRE Consulting.