I have a Crystal Reports file. How do I open it?

First, some terminology. With Crystal Reports, you have a template file that has a .rpt extension. This, you can open with Crystal Reports or upload it to HIFIS 4. This is used to generate new reports.

You may also have a report output, which could be a .pdf or .doc or .xls file. This is a file that has been created using the .rpt file. You cannot use a .pdf or .doc or .xls to generate a new report.

If you are obtaining a report template from somewhere else, whether that’s this website or from another community, you’ll need to obtain the .rpt file, and that’s all you need.

The easiest thing to do, once you have a .rpt file, is to upload it to your HIFIS 4 installation. You do this by logging in, navigating to the Reports Manager and then the Add Report tab, and then selecting the .rpt file in the File to Upload field.

If however you want to open the .rpt file directly, you’ll need to have Crystal Reports installed on your computer. Open the file using Crystal Reports. You’ll be able to see the layout, and from here you can make minor formatting changes. However, if you want to run the report, you’ll need to change the datasource location.

Each report file (.rpt) includes with it a memory of the last database it connected to.  So for example, files available for download from ACRE Consulting remember the ACRE Consulting database. When you load the report in Crystal Reports and try to preview or run it, Crystal Reports tries to connect to the remembered database and asks for a username and password (which of course, you don’t have).

Here is how to point the report to your own database: