ACRE Consulting is the recognized authority on HIFIS 4 implementation. Now, through the marvel of modern technology, you too can benefit from our years of experience working with communities large and small to implement HIFIS 4, from the (relative) comfort of your office.

The next start date for this course is June 25, 2019.

What Is This?

The HIFIS 4 Implementation Masterclass is a new format offered by ACRE Consulting to help communities who want to launch HIFIS 4 in their community but need some guidance on how to do that efficiently and effectively.

It is an online course that uses a variety of teaching methods and tools – including group webinars, written materials, pre-recorded videos, case studies, quizzes, assignments, sample policies and templates, and optional one-on-one coaching.

Most importantly, this course gives you a structure to your HIFIS implementation project. We know just how many steps there are, and how many moving parts there are to keep track of. It can be overwhelming. We’ve helped guide communities through all the components of a HIFIS 4 implementation, so we know what order it makes sense to cover things.

Built into this course are some deadlines – these are intended to be taken as reminders to help you stay on schedule for a launch date you control. But don’t worry, if you miss a deadline, you won’t fail! Some topics will be harder for some communities than others, and other topics you’ll find you may have already completed. There are also built-in breaks during this course, so everyone will have a chance to catch up on any outstanding items.

This course also helps you to stay organized with all of the information you need to compile for your HIFIS 4 launch project. You will be provided with a personal, easy-to-use database that will allow you to track everything you need.

Intended Audience

This course is meant for communities that are seriously planning on implementing HIFIS 4 but are having trouble doing so. Maybe the project seems too overwhelming and you don’t know how to get started. Maybe you can’t make sense of the configuration options and need some clarity. Maybe you just haven’t had the opportunity to think about HIFIS 4.

This course walks you through the early stages of planning, conducting a needs assessment, designing and developing the software and configuring it, testing, launching, and finally maintaining and updating the software after launch. Communities that are in the very early stages of implementation will get the most value out of this course (it starts at the beginning), but any community which has not yet launched HIFIS 4 will find value in its content.

Course Instructor

Ali Ryder Ali Ryder

Ali is Canada's - nay, the world's - leading expert on HIFIS 4. She is the owner, operator, and sole proprietor of ACRE Consulting, formed in 2016 to help communities understand and better make use of HIFIS 4. She's worked with over a dozen communities on their HIFIS 4 project, as well as partnering with the Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness and Built for Zero Canada, Employment and Social Development Canada, and sits on the national HIFIS 4 Working Group.

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Course Overview

The next start date for this course is June 25, 2019.

This course is divided into 4 terms, for a total duration of approximately 6 months. It’s a long period of time, but only demands a few hours of your time each week, leaving you plenty of time to meet with your colleagues and work on implementing what you’re learning.

Each term is broken down into sections, and each section contains one or more lessons that are covered over the period of one week. Mostly, these lessons contain content that you can complete at any time during the week, but some sections include a group webinar in which you and the other students in the course can get together for a live, interactive presentation and Q&A.

An approximate overview of the topics covered in each term is as follows (subject to change):

Term 1: Planning

  • Week 1: Assembling your Project Team
  • Week 2: Partner Agencies
  • Week 3: Service Providers & Clusters
  • Week 4: Consent & Access to Client Files
  • Week 5: Collecting Personal Information
  • Break Week

Term 2: Staff and Rights

  • Week 1: Staff Roles
  • Week 2: Shelter Functions
  • Week 3: Housing-Based Case Management Functions
  • Week 4: Other Functions
  • Week 5: Managers in HIFIS
  • Week 6: Square Peg, Round Hole
  • Week 7: User Testing & Feedback
  • Break Week

Term 3: Fine-Tuning

  • Week 1: Check-in on Data Requirements
  • Week 2: Programs
  • Week 3: Reporting
  • Week 4: Your Community’s Data Dictionary
  • Week 5: Custom Forms & Surveys
  • Week 6: Inventories
  • Break Week

Term 4: Preparing to Launch

  • Week 1: Changeover Strategies
  • Week 2: Logging Changes & Issues
  • Week 3: Quality Assurance
  • Week 4: Training Plans
  • Launch!
Hooray! You’ll be ready to launch HIFIS 4 soon!
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Pricing is per community, not per person, and includes up to 3 representatives in your community to complete the course.

Although the course is six months long, you will retain access to the course for one year after enrolling. This should give you enough time to get all of your plans and policies in place.

If you should find that you are unable to keep up with the pace of the course, you may withdraw from your cohort, take a few months off, and join up with the next course (with permission from the instructor).

The next start date for this course is June 25, 2019.