Accelerated Crystal Reports Training

$1,000 + tx

We offer another variation of the training which is condensed into 6 hours instead of 12. This variation is intended for:

  • People who already are comfortable with Crystal Reports, but new to pulling data from HIFIS, or

  • People who are already pulling data from HIFIS (using SQL, Tableau, Power BI, or other means), but who are new to Crystal Reports.

This accelerated version does not cover all of the content in the curriculum, although it covers most. It is only offered as a 1-on-1 training option and will fast forward through the parts of the training that are already known to the student.

For example, if you already use Crystal Reports regularly, we can skip much of Part 1, which is mostly an introduction to the software.

If you already are comfortable pulling data from HIFIS using Power BI, Tableau, or SQL, we can skip much of Part 3, which mostly covers where to pull data from.