ACRE Consulting welcomes newest addition

Ali Ryder, HIFIS 4 Guru at ACRE Consulting, is pleased to announce the birth of her daughter, Freya!

Ali and Freya

While exciting, this bundle of joy unexpectedly decided to show up five weeks early, resulting in some potential impacts for our current business partners. Read on to see how this will affect you.

Firstly, as a pre-term baby, Freya is currently spending time in the NICU. Because baby is not home from the hospital yet, we have a brief wind-down window in which we will be tying up loose ends on our current commitments.

Update: Freya is now home from the hospital and the aforementioned wind-down window has closed.

We are not currently able to accept any new work assignments. This applies to:

  • Current clients with a defined contract, who would like to expand the scope of work or add to an existing contract. No changes or additions are possible at this time.
  • Current clients with an hourly billing or on-demand services agreement, who would like to request any services that had not been previously and explicitly agreed to. This also applies to you if you:
    • Have an agreement for X number of hours (i.e. of consultation, training, etc.) but have not yet scheduled all X hours. We are not able to schedule any more hours at this time.
    • Have an agreement for Y number of reports but have not provided specifications for all Y reports. We are not able to accept any new report specifications at this time.
  • Prospective clients, past clients, and future clients who would like to hire (or re-hire) ACRE Consulting

If you have a current agreement with ACRE Consulting, we will be in touch with you shortly (if we have not yet been already) to discuss how our current projects will be impacted. We appreciate your patience and understanding! It would be helpful for us if you could prioritize any outstanding requests as urgent or non-urgent. We will do our best to complete any outstanding urgent requests in the next few weeks, while non-urgent requests may get deferred.

While it is impossible to say with certainty what the future will hold, we are planning a slow return-to-work beginning in July/August 2020. We will concentrate first on honouring any deferred pre-existing commitments, and will begin accepting new work after we have returned to full capacity.

Rest assured, your business is important to us! We know that you’re doing amazing, important and time-sensitive work in your community. If you have any concerns about how this news may impact your community, please feel free to reach out and we will make all efforts to find a solution that works best for everyone. We ask, however, that you be patient and may not be able to respond quickly to all inquiries.

In the meantime, however, we would like to direct your attention to a number of resources that are not going away anytime soon:

  • For HIFIS 4 support, you should always contact the HIFIS Client Support Centre
  • For HIFIS 4 tips & tricks, check out our blog. While we won’t be posting regular updates for the next few months, there’s still lots of good case studies and discussions there for you.
  • Also check out our HIFIS 4 FAQ page which answers a lot of commonly asked questions about the software.
  • For HIFIS 4 reports, there are currently 61 reports available on our reports page, that are all free to download. While we won’t be making many new reports anytime soon, there’s a lot of work that’s already been done that you can borrow.
  • If you have training needs in your community, check out our e-learning portal. There’s a number of self-directed online courses available, some free and some available for an affordable price, which will continue to be available during our break.
  • The HIFIS 4 Implementation Masterclass will continue to be available at the Self-Directed Study level.
  • If you’re a member of the Built for Zero community, a lot of HIFIS 4 resources are available through the change package, including recordings of past webinars.

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