Launch Strategies

So you’re ready to launch HIFIS 4 in your community. Congratulations! But there’s still one question remaining. How, exactly, are you going to flip the switch?

Shared User Accounts for Temps and Volunteers

Here’s the situation: one of the agencies within your community wants to use HIFIS 4. Everything seems to be going pretty well until they casually mention that they have a lot of volunteers, or students, or temps, and they typically just create one user account for all of these people to use.  No big deal, right?

How to Record Shelter Diversion in HIFIS 4

Communities often ask about the best way to record shelter diversion in HIFIS 4.  This is another area where there is no clear answer.  There are a few good options, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.  But first, let’s talk about what diversion means in your community.