CHPI – Housing Loss Prevention (2.2)


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Under the Ontario CHPI program, one of the mandatory reporting requirements is to indicate the number of households who are at-risk of homelessness that are stabilized (includes eviction prevention services, assistance with rental and energy arrears). In HIFIS 4, there is a special Housing Loss Prevention module that tracks precisely this information.

In general, this report is designed to present you with the data you need to report on CHPI, but it does not do the reporting for you. You have to think about what data in this report you can report on and what you cannot.

Note that normally for this indicator, you would be reporting on households, not clients, but in HIFIS the Housing Loss Prevention is an individual service, so the number of Unique Clients and the number of Unique Households would be equal. However, a household that experiences multiple instances of assistance in a reporting period may be counted multiple times, so the best number to use to report on is the number of Housing Loss Prevention Services.

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